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Please join us in our efforts at piracy prevention.
We recommend that you buy the PIMSLEUR® Language Programs only from a retailer you recognize and trust.  If in doubt, please contact

If you see unauthorized copies of the Programs posted or being offered online or offline, we ask you to please bring this to our attention so we can review the matter and take prompt and appropriate action.  We’ve provided an online form that you may use to notify us of any instances of abuse or infringement.

Piracy hurts everyone.
Our customers count on us to produce new high-quality Programs in a reasonable timeframe.  Developing these Programs requires capital, which requires sales, and without sales, our ability to develop new Programs is severely compromised.

In April 2010, we eliminated all Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies for our Programs to allow them to be more compatible, easier to use, and available through more retailers.  However, this modification has significantly increased the risk of unauthorized duplication and distribution of the Programs’ copyrighted content.

The team working behind the creation and distribution of the Programs includes writers, editors, and performers, in addition to production, distribution, marketing, management, and support staff.  When the Programs’ copyrighted material is infringed, all these people are directly harmed, losing substantial revenues.  Our continued livelihoods depend upon legal recognition of our intellectual property rights.  Ultimately, without vigilant enforcement of our copyrights, consumers could be forced to pay more for the Programs.

Piracy is theft, plain and simple.

To help protect consumers and to safeguard our intellectual property rights, we investigate and take aggressive measures to stop instances of piracy.  A company or individual caught copying and/or distributing unauthorized copies of audio files or other courseware, could be held liable under both civil and criminal laws. If convicted, infringers can be fined up to $250,000, sentenced to prison for up to five years, or both.

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I listen to the lessons while doing chores around the house. The program is very intuitive. I highly recommend the Pimsleur courses.
Nate from Maryland